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Portable deny taking drugs, says: ‘My energy is natural’

Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, a fast-rising Nigerian musician, has disclosed that his energy is natural and that he is not on drugs.

In an interview with Jahbless Original Intelligence released on Friday, he stated this.

In the conversation, the Zazoo Zeh singer discussed his meteoric climb to fame.

He said:”Music is business, you have to fight for your right.I was born In Sango Ota, grew up in Mushin.I have been doing music for ten years .Zazu is a freestyle. I have over 400 songs online but its one song that will bring you glory. I am educated but music didn’t make me collect my certificate. Music brought in money faster”.

Recounting the challenges he experienced when he started out as an artiste, the outspoken and bubbly singer said: “I suffered because of music. Thank God I have gotten to where I am going. I suffered during COVID-19.There were no shows to attend, no food to eat”.

When asked if he takes drugs, Portable said: “I am not on drugs, my energy is natural. I don’t drink.But I ‘Zazu’(Smoke).

On his religion, he said:”I am a devout muslim.I pray”.

Portable also said he has two sons from different mothers.

He said, “I have two boys, strong mafians.”

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