Martin Nyamlori, a Kenyan man, finally received his university degree after struggling for 22 years to finish his primary education.


On Friday, July 23, 2021, the 39-year-old received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Policy and Administration from Kenyatta University.


His three decades of pursuing the 8.4.4 education curriculum culminated in his success story.

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The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) national exams were taken a record nine times by Nyamlori, according to a brief news report.

Man completes his university education after 22 years in primary school.

The university grad’s pursuit of academic excellence was hindered by financial difficulties.

Due to a lack of funding, he was forced to forgo a few admissions or drop out in the middle of his studies.

Speaking about both his academic achievements and failures, he said:

I am the happiest person alive because the journey that started in 1989 came to an end on Friday. Actually, it’s a miracle.

In my home, there was far too much poverty. We were the poorest family in the village. living in a grass-thatched house. Getting daily meals was incredibly difficult.

Nyamlori once worked as a temp at a milling factory in Nairobi.

Nyamlori stated that he is now looking to give back to the community while still looking for a formal job.

Future goals for me include giving back to the neighborhood. I’ll start out with a job and work my way up.