Yetunde Barnabas Olayinka is a Nigerian model, beauty queen, actress, and film producer who is noted for her distinctive acting style.


She was born on August 30, 1990, in Ilorin, Kwara State Capital, and is from Kogi State in Nigeria’s northwestern region.

Yetunde Barnabas Biography


Yetunde Barnabas is a Nigerian actress, beauty queen, and film producer who was born in Ilorin, Kogi State, on August 30, 1990.

Yetunde Barnabas Early Life

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Yetunde Barnabas was born in Ilorin, Kwara State, on August 30, 1990, despite her parents’ origins in Kogi State. She, on the other hand, grew up in Lagos.

Yetunde Barnabas Education

Yetunde received her secondary education at Kings of Kings Secondary School and went on to Seriki Olopolo Production and Royal Arts Academy to further her acting skills.

Yetunde Barnabas Career

Yetunde Barnabas Olayinka


Yetunde Barnabas began her modeling career in 2013, the same year she entered and won the Miss Olokun beauty pageant.

Sh also won the 2017 Most Beautiful Girl in Abuja competition, which landed her a multichoice/DSTV national sponsorship agreement. She was also named a brand ambassador for an estate management agency based in Abuja.

Her celebrity led to her being chosen at an audition for the role of Ms Pepeiye, a famous character on Papa Ajasco & Company, one of Nigeria’s longest-running television sitcoms.

Since then, she’s been in a number of Nollywood films, including Erin Folami, Dagogo, Omo Iya Osun, and Elegbenla, in which she co-starred with Niyi Johnson and Akin Olaiya.

Yetunde Barnabas Movies

Yetunde has featured in several movies. They include;

  • Eda Meji (2019)
  • Omo Iya Osun (2018)
  • Eda Meji (2019)
  • Aigbagbo (2018)

Yetune Barnabas Marriage

Yetunde Barnabas Olayinka


Is Yetunde Barnabas married or unmarried? Yetunde Barnabas is married and content. Peter Olayinka, a Nigerian footballer, is her husband.

Yetunde Barnabas Husband

Yetunde Barnabas Olayinka

Who is the husband of Yetunde Barnabas? The husband of Yetunde Barnabas is Peter Olayinka, a Nigerian footballer. They got maried on the 26th of March, 2021

Yetunde Barnabas Instagram

Yetunde is an active user of Instagram fast growing followership. The actress has 325k flollowers as of January, 2022. Her handle is @yetundebarnabas

Yetunde Barnabas Net Worth

Yetunde narnabas net worth is estimated at 1.2 million dollars.