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“I have no regrets marrying Adeniyi Johnson” – Actress Seyi Edun says as she gush about her marriage

Oluwaseyi Edun, a proud wife and actress, is gushing over her marriage to fellow actor Adeniyi Johnson, stating that she has no regrets.

“To every house, there is an understanding,” Seyi remarked of her relationship with Adeniyi Johnson, whom she considers her lover. The problem of balancing work and home life is not a universal one. Every family should have a vision of what they want their home to look like. I’m delighted I married my best friend (Adeniyi Johnson), since we have a great understanding of one other. Several famous couples are succeeding despite their demanding work schedules.

Role models such as Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva are deserving of our attention. Our marital life continues to be sharpened by the concept of time, self, and resource management, and we are balancing everything appropriately.”

“That is a really low impression about hard-working and accomplished actresses,” Edun remarked in response to allegations that actresses are promiscuous and put their jobs ahead of their marriages. We put forth a lot of effort and contribute to the growth of Nollywood in every way possible. Although every business has its share of bad apples, labeling Nollywood actresses is completely unfair to the women involved. People should offer us greater affection.”

Concerning cyber bullies who troll celebrities online, she said, “I have no regrets calling a troll out. I think people should be reminded that celebrities are humans too. We have emotions, and people should not just come on the Internet and make demoralising comments about other human beings just because those people are celebrities. It is time we began to put such people in their place.”



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