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How my daughters prevented me from remarrying after losing my husband – Lola Idije Reveal

Toyin Afolayan, commonly known as Lola Idije, a veteran Nollywood actress, has told how her love for her female daughters kept her from remarrying after her husband died.

When asked why she has yet to remarry following her husband’s death, she stated that she did not consider giving love another chance because of her love for her children.

“I choose not to remarry because of my children.” I don’t think many men will be interested in marrying you because you have three children. The new husband may not want the kids to live with us, and there may be issues as a result of their presence, but I can’t compare my children to anything else in the world, so I opted to stay with them and abandon my plans to marry another man. “I’m glad I was able to care for them with God’s help,” she stated.

On having just female children, Lola Idije stated that she believes she has been destined to give birth to only girls so she isn’t bothered about not having a male child.

The 62 year old further revealed that she had a male child for her late husband but lost him as a baby.

Lola Idije confessed that the death of her male child is the saddest thing that ever happened to her.

Regardless, the popular actress is grateful to God that her female children are doing well.

In her words, “There is nothing wrong about all of them being girls. It’s God that gives children and anyone He gives you, you just have to thank Him because you can’t create anything let alone a child. I am always a happy mother, I am contented with what God has done in my life.”

She added that her greatest achievement is the fact that God helped her to take care of my children and today, she is reaping the fruit of her labour on them.

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