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2023: ‘Don’t embarrass your education, go and get PVC’ Comedian Okey Bakassi

Nigerian comedian and actor Okey Bakassi has urged Nigerians to collect their PVCs in order to vote against the country’s awful administration ahead of the 2023 general election.

Okey Bakassi listed the categories of uneducated northerners who had PVC, unlike many graduates and master’s degree holders, with the excuse that their votes do not count, in a photo uploaded on his Instagram page.

People should cease making claims that their votes are invalid, according to Okey Bakassi, since if votes don’t matter, politicians won’t pay or bribe illiterate northerners to vote for them.

The post reads: Almajiri has a PVC
Mai shayi has a PVC
Mai barrow has a PVC
Mai Debino has a PVC
Mai Gworo has a PVC

Onion and Tomato seller has a PVC
Shoe shinner has a PVC
Bus drivers/conductors has a PVC
motor park Agberos have has a PVC

You (a studen or a graduate with BSC or MSC holder) with all your education and exposure still don’t have PVC. The worst thing is that you even try to justify why you don’t have one ‘My vote won’t count.

For the sake of those who paid your school fees and fed you through school, please don’t make your education /exposure useless with a statement like that. If votes don’t count, politicians won’t bribe/pay people to vote for them.
Go and get your PVC

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