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‘She looks perfect now’ Fans react to Actress Eniola Badmus’ new figure after rumored surgery

Eniola Badmus, a Nollywood actress, has generated outrage online after a before and after photo collage of her appeared online.

There were rumors circulating a few days ago that Eniol Badmus had tampered with her physical size.

Eniola Badmus, according to rumor, recently went Turkey and had her body sculpted to her ideal shape.

The actress went to a cosmetic surgery institution in Turkey, where she had a large portion of her tummy excised, her waistline corrected, and other minor changes made.

The Doctor, who knows what he’s doing, didn’t make it obvious, and the new Eniola still looks stunning, particularly in the belle area.

She also had a gastric bypass to manage her food intake, according to sources.

However, when comparing the actress’s previous and new photos, it is clear that she has worked on her figure, which has elicited comments.

While some social media users applauded her doctor for doing an excellent job, others dared her not to advertise any waist trainer or slim tea as they would be problems.

_kommye wrote: She looks really good

kyraashleyboss wrote: Before getting any surgery done for people her previous size you must loose alot of weight first so its not easy at all.

ebbie.__ wrote: She looks perfect now tbh

adepejuruth_cateringservice wrote: So Beautiful but make she no advert any waist trainer or slim tea nah there fight go start ooooooooo..

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