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Celebrity lifestyle has stopped me from thinking of doing ‘runs’- Monalisa Stephen spill

Monalisa Stephen, an actress and plus-size model, shocked many of her followers when she confessed that her celebrity has prevented her from completing ‘runs.’

The outspoken social media influencer revealed this during a recent Instagram live session with her followers.

In her words:” This life no balance.Think about it before you think of being famous. Fame has stopped me from thinking of doing runs.

Me that I snore while sleeping, what if the guy takes out the camera and start videoing me”.

Speaking further, the busty actress also opened up on the downside of fame.

“I don’t want to date someone that knows me. That knows I am Monalisa Stephen online. Let them see me as a normal normal person. Date me like a normal person.

It’s difficult to find someone that loves me genuinely.You people are lucky, you can date anybody. All of them want you because you are what you are, they want to see what they can get from you”.

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