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Anita Joseph laments the lack of regard and respect for.

Anita Joseph, a curvy actress and social media influencer, has decried the lack in respect, saying that people these days are disrespectful. People don’t welcome these days, according to the role interpreter, and when they do, it’s grudgingly.

“Why are people so disrespectful these days?” questioned the actress, who is married to hype-man Mc Fish. Why don’t you say hello? You despise greetings. And those who will welcome you will say “Good AM,” “Good AF,” and “Good PM.” Please greet me; I enjoy my greeting. Please hand it on to me. Thank you for taking the time to properly greet me. That’s how I was brought up. “How did you grow up?” She inquired.

Nigerians have reacted to her outburst in a variety of ways on social media.

@Mcicewater: Just Good morning? You no even crave for the “Ma” aspect?

@Beinformedbykay: Because their parents didn’t teach them manners. It’s simple.

@Amaka_julie: This Good am thing irritates me a lot

@ZSavier: She say I LIKE MY GREETING, she don kuku personalise greetings

@Officialonyinyeokafor: Very disrespectful…. sincerely

Anita had previously stated that no one expected her to marry her spouse. “Since I’ve been married, I’ve grown more attractive and glow in a different way because I’m at peace.” There are many married couples who are unable to find serenity in their homes. Money and worldly goods may come to an end, but one’s peace remains unaffected. People have told me that if you don’t have money, you can’t have peace of mind. However, there are those who have money but lack peace. My marriage is a blessing in my life. We are pleased with our life since he was sent by God. Some of my friends were surprised when I decided to marry a hype man, but I’m glad I did. Who doesn’t require the services of a hype man from time to time? My heart skips a beat for him.”

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