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‘A 12 year old has no business in boarding school’ – Actress Ebere Uche blast Sylvester Oromoni’s parents

Following the tragic death of Sylvester Oromoni, a 12-year-old pupil at the notorious Dowen College in Lagos, Uche Ebere, a prominent Nigerian actress and producer, has slammed the deceased’s parents.

Sylvester Oromoni was allegedly tortured by coworkers for refusing to join a cult, as previously reported.

A 12-year-old, according to Uche Ebere, has no business attending boarding school unless the parents are divorced or the mother is no longer alive, or for other compelling reasons.

Uche Ebere, for example, noted that despite her hectic schedule, all of her children attended day schools until they entered university.

She posted a photo of late Sylvester Oromoni on her Instagram page and wrote, ” All the people that brought your dear life to a sudden end shall never find peace.. Justice for this young lad is a must, not only closing the school, what an evil act! Rest on talent Sylvester. Meanwhile parents should stop putting their underage children in a boarding school, 12years no nah… no closeness, no rubbing minds with them, it’s a no no, except if there’s a good reason and that’s the only way out. May God protect our children in Jesus Mighty Name Ameeeennnn.

Uche Ebere added

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