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We paid you for the prank video, and you gave us permission to post it’ Zfancy blasts Bobrisky for threatening him

Bobrisky has been condemned by Nigerian prankster Zion Ubani, also known as Zfancy, for threatening him with police and tormenting him and his crew.

Zfancy was urged by Bobrisky to remove his prank film from all of his social media accounts because it was released without his authorization.

If Bobrisky did not remove the videos from his sites, he threatened to have Zfancy imprisoned or declare war on the couple.

Zfancy reacted to this by questioning why Bobrisky was causing them trouble after they paid him for the prank video and he consented to the clip being released online in an Instagram post.

Bobrisky’s friend, Kelvin Onu, also asked Zfancy’s staff about the prank film and when they would post it, according to Zfancy.

The post reads: Mr/Ms Bobrisky @bobrisky222 . We do not understand why you’d like to make trouble with us. Please where is this coming from?? After the prank, we paid you for the prank( receipt available) and we also have a video of you giving us consent to post( available too). 

We also have a chat record of you asking Kelvin( @ktsele1 ) when will Zfancy post your prank video( record also available). Bobrisky we aren’t trouble maker and do not want trouble.

However we will not shy away from being bullied by you. You called us threatening to use police to harrass us and that’s an offense on it’s own

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