Davido receives 109m as gift from his friends, colleagues and fans in one day for his birthday, claims he’s going for 200m

Davido, a Nigerian singer and hitmaker, became the number one trending subject on social media earlier today after making an unexpected move.

The singer took to his official Instagram page a few hours ago to share that he has spent most of his life uplifting others, and as his birthday approaches, he wants others to reciprocate the gesture. What began as a harmless joke turned into a multimillion Naira making scheme, and netizens couldn’t get enough of the buzz.

The singer made sure to give the update of his friends who adhered to his request and after he made a whopping amount of money in just minutes, he decided to create a brand new account number and posted it on his page, saying he wishes to meet a target of a whopping hundred million and only minutes later, the rain came pouring.

From 30 million to 40, to 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and just as fast as you read those figures is almost as fast as how the money flooded into the singer’s account and as of this moment, he can boast of having more than 100 million Naira in his account.

He gave the update moments ago and fans and followers have been quite thrilled with how the singer was able to get so much money is very little time.

Davido turns 28 in about 4 days… November 21st and it’s no doubt that if he’s going to have a birthday party, then it certainly will be the talk of town and it’s all thanks to his “true friends” who came through for him.