Mercy Johnson showcases her winning skills by defeating her hubby in a game of Ludo.

Mercy Johnson, a Nollywood actress, has shown her hubby what she’s made of by demonstrating her winning skills in a Ludo match.


This comes only days after the actress was unjustly accused of using goons to assault and humiliate her daughter’s schoolteacher.


The actress posted a video on Instagram showing herself and her spouse in their house, enjoying each other’s company while they compete for a winner.


The winner, according to the actress, will be declared on her Facebook page, despite the fact that it appears that she has already defeated her opponent.


Despite all attempts to tarnish her family’s image, the actress has chosen to ignore side conversations while spending quality time with her family.


The mother of four’s recent outburst, which provoked anger, demonstrated that she is always willing to protect her children at any cost.


She expressed herself as follows:


My house is full of ludo players…..


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