Actor Jigan reveals, “I will celebrate lots of years of living with disabilities.”

Even though he is physically challenged, Nollywood actor Abimbola Kazeem, also known as Jigan Baba Oja, is without a doubt a person who has no inferiority complex. In his opinion, he will always be thankful for the many years he has spent living with his impairment.


It is common knowledge that the actor has never let his condition prevent him from doing things that other people do; thus, he has never looked down on himself because of his disability.


According to the actor, he developed a physical issue at a young age as a result of a misplaced injection. In the process, he lost the use of his second leg.


According to the actor, persons with his type of condition often do not want to go in the same way as him due to their conditions, and he disclosed that forcingly holding hands with anyone he encounters would embarrass them.


The actor stated that raising awareness for the world to understand that they are unique creatures is critical, and that he will always be grateful for his years of impairment.


He expressed himself as follows:


If we see each other walking on the road, I’ve noticed that anyone living with my kind of physical issue doesn’t prefer to walk in my way. When I see you walking and you see me and want to change directions, I will embarrass one of us. I’ll stroll with you and hold your hand. We need each other to let the rest of the world know that we are unique.


I will celebrate plenty years of living with disability