Come take care of your daughters, you’ve committed bigamy – Nedu Wazobia’s ex-wife retaliates.


Comedian Nedu Wazobia and his ex-wife, Uzoamaka Ohiri, are still embroiled in a series of charges and scandals.

Ms. Ohiri has previously accused Nedu of domestic violence and being a deadbeat father.

Nedu, whose true name is Ani Chinedu Emmanuel, has told his side of the tale, claiming that he is innocent of all charges brought against him.

He further said that a few months into their marriage, he discovered that the son she had was not his.

Uzoamaka Ohiri has accused Nedu of bigamy and abandoning his daughters, refusing to back down from the verbal battle.

“nedu wazobiafm,” she said on her Instagram profile.
Where are the divorce papers, please? We both accept the fact that we are divorced. I need to sign as well. I was unmoved even when you committed Bigamy.

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Try not to bring up the Ajiwe police station problem again, as you’ve already made a mistake.

I was with our infant daughter on the day you got the scar on your hand.

Other members of the @wazobiafmlagos team were present while the situation unfolded. We fought, and I ultimately won one bout against Nedu. Take care of it!
In the case of my kid, you have already disseminated that certificate around the entire world. It is no longer a secret, and it never was.


It’s fine to say you don’t have an issue with me for the sake of the camera. But why are your children in pain?

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Now that I’ve gained your attention, all I’m asking is for you to take some responsibility for our precious children and their well-being.


I’ve been paying rent and other bills for the past four years. Because you have never spent more than 12 hours with them, you may not comprehend.

In addition, we can split the rent bills 50/50. For the past four years, I have been the sole payer, and believe me, it has not been easy.


I’ve tried calling, texting, and various direct and indirect attempts to contact you, but to no effect.
Please comply with this request.
Sir, thank you very much.

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