Bobrisky reveal she can never be a woman despite the way she dress.


Bobrisky has said that despite being a crossdresser who prefers to be addressed as a woman, he will never be a She.


Bobrisky, who is occasionally referred to as he or she on news platforms, has finally confirmed which gender-specific pronoun is most appropriate for him.


In a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo, he stated, “Yes, I was born as a Man… I’ll never be a she, but I’m making more money than my detractors. It doesn’t affect me whether you address me as he or she… Being a woman has opened many doors for me; nevertheless, many women are unaware of how to best utilize their resources as women… They don’t even want to associate with you when you don’t have money, simply there hustling, but I’m not in for that; I want to be my own boss, so I picked this road and I’m enjoying it…..”

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“My initial aim was to do it for a short time to make money as a crossdresser, but now I’m not ready to stop because it is paying me millions weekly,” Bobrisky continued. I began crossdressing three years ago and have spent the last four years building my brand… I graduated from UNILAG in 2016, and I was meant to do my NYSC but didn’t since I wanted to work… My course advisor was stern, thus UNILAG kept me from being Bobrisky… After I graduated from high school, I was free to pursue my life as I pleased… In 2018, I purchased a home in Chevron; in 2019, I considered surgery but was afraid; in 2020, I did the same; and in 2021, I had lipo and belly surgery……”

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When asked how his parents reacted to his new lifestyle, Bobrisky claimed that, despite his mother’s tardiness, she was fully supportive of his ambitions.

My mother did not condemn me before she died; she accepted me for who I am, but my father did not…

He accepts it for economic purposes, but not as a way of life… I told him that I do it to get money so that they may live comfortably…

“You don’t expect me to glam up early morning to surprise my dad..i was on jalamia….i didn’t want to steal the shine on his birthday bc he deserves the attention,” Bobrisky said when asked why he dressed like a man during his surprise visit to his father’s birthday in 2020.

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“If you say money isn’t important, you’re lying to yourself, money is everything,” Bobrisky said. Isn’t it through money that you earn a good name?”