10 good reason why you should Avoid iphone 13 in Nigeria.


The first-ever iPhone Pro Max 13, set to be released in September 2021, has caused quite a stir on the internet.


Reno Omokri, a former presidential spokesperson, thinks the new iPhone upgrade isn’t worth the money.


The outspoken writer provided 10 reasons why no one on the planet needs an iPhone 13 worth over a million naira on his Instagram page.


“Nobody on Earth needs an iPhone13,” he wrote. There is no one. The iPhone 13 is seen as a status symbol. Don’t let peer pressure deprive you of your own worth. Use your previous phone if it still works. You are not in need of a new phone. You’ll have to make a new investment. Invest. Don’t try to impress!

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Here are ten things you could buy instead of an iPhone13:


A piece of land in a low-cost neighborhood

40 bags of rice in a rural location to sell in an urban area for a profit

Forex trading

Purchase three Microsoft shares.

Purchase 6 Apple shares.

Rent a one-bedroom apartment and use it as an Airbnb host.

Purchase treasury bonds.

Start a POS business.

Join lendingclub and make money by lending money to those who will repay you.

Invest in a course and learn a talent that will make you money.