Stop giving people fraudulent designer items. Actor Alesh Sanni blow hot.


Alesh Ola Sanni, a Nollywood actor, has expressed his displeasure with those who present phony designer handbags as gifts.

In an Instagram post, the actor stated that people should stop sending false designers as gifts and that it is not necessary to provide faux luxury as a gift.

Alesh Sanni stated that a $10 original brand would be preferable to a fake $200 luxury brand because such an act is associated with wicked activities.

The actor went on to say that while it’s fine for someone to wear a false brand, it shouldn’t be given as a present to others.


Stop giving them bogus designers as gifts, he wrote. It’s not required that you give false luxury items as a gift… I prefer a genuine $10 brand than a phony $200 luxury one. This one is a no-no, simply stop it… Don’t make a fool of yourself in front of the crowd. It’s fine for you to wear it, but don’t give it away as a gift. Just put an end to it.

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Alesh Ola Sannic went up about being broke and living a lie, warning those who were always pestering him for money.

The fast-rising actor claimed in an Instagram post that people should stop begging him for money and that he should be left alone to enjoy the pleasure of becoming a celebrity.


Alesh stated that he requires assistance more than those seeking assistance, and that he had no money in his bank account.

People should cease sending him bills or notes on his social media Direct Messages because he needs money, according to the actor.

Alesh went on to say that he has obligations and that the fact that he has met with some of his fans and followers does not give them the right to beg him for money.

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