Home Entertainment Since his marriage ended in disaster, Paul (Rude Boy) finally speak out.

Since his marriage ended in disaster, Paul (Rude Boy) finally speak out.

Paul Okoye aka Rude Boy, a member of the former Psquare duet, has spoken out about how the music group paid the price for their family problems.

After his wife of many years, Anita Okoye, filed for divorce, despite having three children for him, Paul Okoye became a trend a few days ago.

Rude Boy revealed to Do2tun, an on-air personality, that their family problems were the reason for PSquare’s demise.
“…And, as I often tell people, it’s really awful that Psquare has to pay the price for that family situation, which I believe is nobody’s business to know,” he remarked.


The singer of “Emergency” stated that he has committed not to discuss his family’s difficulties in the public and that he despises seeing their dirty laundry in the spotlight.

One thing I vow myself not to do is to interfere with the Okoye family’s tranquillity, which I believe they currently enjoy. I despise waking up at any moment and seeing people say things like, “You know, whatever occurred was just a matter of choice, and one thing you should try to respect is those who wake up one day and say they don’t want to do anything anymore, okay?”


Rude Boy went on to say that he wishes his twin brother could restrain himself from leaking details about his family’s strife to the media and the wider public. “I’m a family man, and sometimes when I see problems that make the news, I think to myself, ‘I wish one person could just zip it.’ Why do you think that is? People will become sleepy, but you will notice when you speak. So, for me, it’s as if I believe we’ve slept for a while longer and that we’re the best, even if “Boys II Men” can’t quite reach that level.”

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“Bro I always tell people ‘you see ehn’ I am doing this because I know the fans are divided but if you guys understand one thing if you guys can just concentrate on simply enjoying music,” he told Dotun.

PSquare’s Paul ‘Rude Boy’ and Peter ‘Mr. P’ Okoye split up due to family strife involving their elder brother and former manager, Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye. PSquare was disbanded in 2016 because to a disagreement about the position of their manager, according to Peter and Paul.

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