The 22-year-old hijab sister, Zainab Abidoye, has become a trending topic on the popular microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter), as details about her relationship with a 52-year-old sugar daddy, known as Alhaji, who has been funding her lavish lifestyle, surfaced.


Zainab, a University of Ilorin graduate, took to her official X page to express her pain after receiving a video from the 52-year-old Alhaji, revealing that he is married to another woman like her.

Despite the luxury lifestyle, including owning a Lexus car, residing in a lavish apartment, and traveling to different countries courtesy of the Abuja-based Alhaji, Zainab stated in her post that she is pained but does not regret not ending up with the man. The revelation has ignited discussions and reactions across social media.

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Zainab said despite the fact that the Alhaji was ready to spend his money generously on her, she refused to give in because she didn’t want to be a second wife.

According to the Zainab, she decided not to marry the man because he was older than her by 30 years and toxic in nature.

However, the post by Zainab Abideoye did not sit well with an X user identified as @Mayorrealy who knows about the gist between Zainab and the Alhaji (Sugar Daddy).

According to Mayor, Zainab did not present fair and accurate presentation of the whole situation to the public.

The X user refers to Zainab as a clown for calling 52-year-old Alhaji a toxic man while disclosing how she keeps dipping her hands in the pocket of the Alhaji who provides the luxurious life she lives in.

Apart from the luxurious lifestyles, travelling around, gifting her Lexus Jeep, the X user recalls how the 52-year-old get Zainab luxurious apartment after her former apartment was busted by EFCC.

The X user Mayor added that Zainab relationship with the 52-year-old was very popular in Ilorin and even disclose how Zainab mother was pleading to Zainab to marry the Alhaji who insisted on sponsoring the mother to hajj if her daughter married him.

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The X user also shared the screenshot of a loved-up Whatsapp conversation between Zainab and her 52-year old Alhaji sugar daddy while recounting that Zainab has visited the man several times in Abuja and even slept overnight there.