A young Nigerian woman describes her traumatic marriage to a pastor who adopted her when she was sixteen, married her at seventeen, and eventually divorced her at twenty.


The woman recounted her life story in a recent episode of the Honest Bunch Podcast, which is co-hosted by the well-known OAP Nedu Wazobia and others.


According to the lady the pastor impregnated her at the age of 16 and took her for an abortion after which he officially tied the knot a year later.

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She had two children with the anonymous preacher at 17 and 19 respectively before divorcing him at the age of 20.

One of her most agonizing experiences was during their divorce proceedings when the police were involved. Her nude photos were presented by the preacher and accessed at the police station.

With tears rolling down her eyes, she highlighted how her nude photos were passed around by police officers who quizzed her about their marriage.

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Zibah wrote: You’d need to watch the video and listen to her story properly, not everyone who tells their stories on podcasts wants ur hate comments. Others are learning from their mistakes so they don’t fall into the same situation.

Emperor wrote: Pastor got married to minor, make them locate him arrest am abeg

Yogos hair wrote: She might sound really bold and shameless to some of you but you can see her pain even through all these talks. It’s so sad. God please help us

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