Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja II, the Ooni of Ife, has spoken out about his conversation with President Muhammadu Buhari about Yoruba Nation agitator Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho.




In an interview with the BBC, he stated that Igboho refused counsel from monarchs who were dispatched to speak with him.

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On Sunday, Ooni met with Buhari to discuss the Sunday Igboho crisis.


According to the monarch, during the meeting, Buhari was apprised of the reasons for Igboho unrest.


Buhari is claimed to have responded by telling Igboho to be “cool and patient.”


The president also requested that monarchs in the South-West counsel Igboho against illegal actions


.The king, who stated that the Igboho have a legitimate reason to fight, admitted that he should have been more polite.


He claimed that politicians misled Igboho, stressing that the activist deserved the support of the region’s kings.


Ooni, for one, said he had forgiven Igboho and was fighting to have him released from detention in the Benin Republic.


Other Yoruba Nation agitators, he suggested, should explore discussion.


“I’ve always advised the authorities to call the agitators for a dialogue,” he stated. Sunday Igboho was born and raised in Ife. It was from Ife that he grew into the man he is today. He fought in the Ife-Modakeke conflict, and Ife now owns both areas. He is a farmer’s son.


He desired to fight for his relatives. He spoke up and advocated for the Oke Ogun victims. We are grateful to God for saving his life. He did his hardest, but he was overwhelmed by conflicting counsel.


“Many people gave him bad advice. He paid attention to them.


“I went to see President Buhari about his issue, and we talked about it.” When I told him that Igboho was our son, he told me that he (Igboho) needed to remain calm and patient. The president told me that monarchs should caution him to maintain his composure.


After leaving Buhari’s residence, I convened a conference of Yoruba kings and elders to tell Igboho to exhibit patience, but Igboho would not listen. He began abusing everyone, including the monarchs whom I had dispatched.


He said so many hurtful things, but he is still our son. Forgiveness belongs to God. He’s been pardoned by us. He would not have ended up in his current predicament if he had listened.


“We’re doing everything we can to obtain his release.”


“It’s better to fight united than to fight alone. We will only be able to attain our goal if we work together.


“Can anyone battle the government alone?” You must exercise diplomacy.”