Nigerian actress, Georgina Onuoha has called out the president of Nigeria, Gen Muhammad Buhari claiming that he doesn’t have the interest of Nigerians at heart.


Onuoha who shared a video of the president’s interview where he spoke on reasons his kids studies abroad, lamented that she warned Nigerians about voting in the current administration, yet they ‘foolishly’ did.


She further warned that the country would be more disastrous if another mistake is made in 2023.

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She wrote: “How can a country with the most educated people globally have such an incorrigible and supercilious fellow as their president?

What a cold hearted human being devoid of human empathy. So out of touch with reality let alone with the plight of his people. Gosh, Nigerians were warned. I spent years writing about the dangers of electing this jihadist coup plotter. A man whose sole agenda was to crumble this nation and hand it over to terrorist. I’m glad Nigerians are reaping the fruits of their stupidity. Next year is election again, elect another dead man walking who is uneducated and can’t find his school certificate. You all will continue to suffer until you rise and send these cabals into nursing homes by force. Nigerians were warned

You believe in fake Change. Here is the change you all voted for. Here is una se baba. Nonsense.”