Lionel Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires in June, therefore both parties are eager to strike a definitive arrangement.


In the next weeks, his father and agent Jorge Messi will fly to Paris to meet with the club directors in an effort to reach an agreement on the last-minute specifics about the length of the contract and his son’s pay.


The two parties hope to finalize a deal for Messi to remain at PSG, MARCA revealed in July and later confirmed in December.

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The team is sure that they will provide a proposal that is “difficult to reject.”

Messi, meanwhile, is content in Paris since he still wants to play for the Ligue 1 winners and his family has gotten used to living there.

PSG, on the other hand, would be thrilled to retain Messi and have a World Cup champion heading their squad in 2022.

The club is rubbing its hands together over this new arrangement, which will, on the one hand, require a significant financial investment but, on the other hand, bring about enormous rewards.

Messi’s New Wages

After taxes, Messi presently makes roughly 30 million euros. Despite being 35 years old, it is obvious that Messi is deserving of extra money now that he has won the World Cup. As a result, PSG will have to increase his wages.

However, this is unimportant since the club wants to profit from Messi’s World Cup victory both financially and by leveraging his reputation.

The goal of PSG is to profit internationally from Messi’s decision to retire from competitive football at PSG, even if he later joins an MLS team.

PSG’s New Revenue

Even though they did not win the Champions League, El Economista reports that the club’s earnings rose by over 700 million euros merely in the first year the Argentine wore the PSG jersey.

Up to ten new sponsors joined him after his arrival, and the value of new contracts rose from 3 to 5 million euros to 5 to 8 million euros each.

Brands like Dior, Gorillas, Crypto.com, PlayBetR, GOAT, Snart Good Thins, Volt, Big Cola, Sports Water, and Autohero are just a few of these sponsors.

Sales of jerseys increased dramatically as a result of Messi’s influence.

More than 60% of the one million units PSG sold in his debut season, which ranged in price from 90 to 160 euros each, bore Messi’s name on the back.

With a sponsorship deal with Nike that expires in 2032, PSG makes about 75 million euros a year while demand increased by 30 to 40 percent.

Due to these factors, PSG is putting together a new deal for Messi in an effort to continue turning a profit after the summer of 2023.

In the meantime, PSG has planned a pre-game homage in which home supporters at the Parc des Princes will honor the World Cup winner before their team’s Wednesday match against Angers.

Messi’s participation in the match is still up in the air, though.