Bukola Saraki, the former Senate President, has recognized that Nigeria was never a single country and will continue to be a work in progress.




The country was put together by the British for administrative grounds, according to Saraki.

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During an Independence Day lunch with Nigerian youngsters hosted in Abuja over the weekend, he remarked this in response to a query from DAILY POST on Nigeria’s growth since its independence on October 1, 1960.


Saraki stated that Nigeria should not be compared to other countries that lack variety in their processes from the start.


The country’s primary difficulty, according to the former Senate President, has been in the areas of leadership and values, and he blamed the citizens for it.

“I read a book about the formation of Nigeria and learned that we were never a single country. “We were two countries, but the British found it more convenient to combine the two for administrative purposes,” Saraki explained.

“At the time, bringing the two countries together for commercial objectives seemed sensible. Nigeria will be a work in progress from the start because it is such a diverse country. As a result, we can’t compare ourselves to other countries that lack diversity from the start.


Despite the issues we face…despite our differences, I believe we are a society that is extraordinarily patient. Based on what people are going through now, I believe most countries will not be able to handle it. We are willing to provide possibilities to others; we are young and eager to learn.


“And I believe we haven’t been able to get leadership and principles right. And when it comes to ideals, we must all bear responsibility. For example, if someone appears in our area overnight and displays affluence, we simply accept them into our society…and that’s it.


Where are the ideals for hard work and doing things well in a culture that continues to condone this? What message are we trying to send? The notion that if you don’t cut corners…we need to redefine that as a country.”