Nyesom Wike, the Governor of Rivers State, has stated that there is nothing like Nigeria to be celebrated.





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He said this at a sermon commemorating the country’s independence day in 2021.



Wike, who referred to Nigeria as an elderly man at the age of 61, said the country is marked by animosity, division, and enmity, emphasizing that certain people in positions of authority despise the entire country because of a single individual.



The Governor slammed the National Assembly for allegedly deceiving Nigerians, particularly when it comes to loan approvals for the executive whenever they are asked.


“You have a 61-year-old child,” he explained. Nigeria will turn 61 years old in a few days. So many individuals praise God when they reach the age of 60.



“Now that Nigeria is 61 years old, the only reason we can thank God is that the term ‘Nigeria’ still exists. That’s the sole reason we’re grateful to God. Is there, however, a country called Nigeria?



A 61-year-old guy full of enmity, division, and resentment. You despise a state because of an individual, discriminating against some people based on their religion or where they came from at the age of 61. And here we are, clapping our fists in support of Nigeria.



Where is the legislature at 61 years old? A legislative that is incapable of thinking, a legislature that believes that everything they present is correct. A legislature that can’t claim that Nigeria has reached the point where it can have a free and fair election.




“A legislature that would close its eyes and say, ‘Borrow whenever you want.’ A legislature that refuses to inquire, “Where is this money that you are borrowing?”



Africa’s 61-year-old giant. What are they doing with the money they’re borrowing? We don’t have a congress to question us.



What exactly are we celebrating at the age of 61? What happened to the courts? The judges have been frightened, and they have abdicated their duties for fear of what might happen.”