Passion Jones, an American woman in a polyandrous relationship, has provoked controversy on social media by flaunting her two husbands and the sons she had with each of them.

At a Thanksgiving ceremony in the US, Passion, a well-known social media influencer for numerous brands, proudly displayed her family.

The 31-year-old woman only started dating at the age of 30 after getting married to her first husband at the age of 20.


In a podcast, Passion revealed that she had no idea of marrying two men but she is now in love with the arrangement.

Her first husband with whom she has two children together claims he was not forced to do it neither is he jealous as he enjoys the experience. Her second and most recent husband whom she just had a baby is quite young and very comfortable with the marriage.

The husbands claim to take turns impregnating her to ensure they know who the father of each child is.

Checkout the post below:

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Her followers also joined her in celebrating her family, while others mentioned that they want the same for themselves.

Read some comments below:

billionaire__olive said, “Deep down I want this kind of family but African people can’t have it 🤦🏾‍♀️💔…beautiful ❤️”.

annetteintx said, “This is so beautiful and unconventional. I love to see it work and happily at that. I think ppl confuse the idea which I get but honestly, if men can do so out loud, why can’t women?”

bamby_gwala said, “Your family is absolutely beautiful, I love this😍. I so want this for myself🥰”.

simply_mrs.savage_omochief2 said, “@passionjonesz12 But she never wrote/text that she has 2 husbands tho….D young man can be her brother & baby nephew?”