A beautiful mother who has nine children already has announced that she is expecting another child.


Karissa Collins revealed the surprising information in a delightful video that she posted on social media.

In the little video, the woman spoke about her mothering experiences while sitting with her children.

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They were all dressed the same, which accentuated their beauty in the widely circulated film.

When she pulled out her pregnancy test strip to indicate that she is expecting yet another child, her kids were utterly caught off guard.

A video posted on Twitter by @BornAKang has generated a lot of debate.


Reactions from Twitter users

@zachdeno said:

“There’s no way all those children will have a fulfilled life or relationship w their parents ”

@animal_lover365 said:

“You obviously haven’t followed her. She wants all those kids. Basically, their philosophy is just to leave their family size up to God. Meaning, if they get pregnant, they get pregnant. If they don’t, they don’t.”

@lilone_phipps said:

“I don’t know what you are taking about. But they are MARRIED and they children are straight and being taught about God. They all winning and blessed. And 10 ain’t nothingbut what a wonderful way to tell you children that you are pregnant! I missed this one.”

@PinkIemonad3 said:

“Can you really love and give adequate attention to that many kids at once?”

@nantzcolorado said:

“They can provide, but the planet cannot. We should only replace ourselves.”