Renowned Nigerian actress, Biodun Okeowo, who is also affectionately known as Omo-borty, recently penned a heartfelt message to her daughter, Ifeoluwa. Alongside the touching words, Biodun shared some stunning photos of herself and her daughter, expressing deep gratitude and love. In her message, she praised Ifeoluwa for her unwavering faith and love for God, highlighting the immense joy her daughter’s obedience brings to her heart.


In her words, “Dear Ifeoluwa,


I felt compelled to publicly express my admiration for you.
As your mother, it fills my heart with immense joy and pride to take a moment to reflect on the remarkable person you have grown into.
Your unwavering love for God has been a source of joy for me 💃.

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Your obedience brings an indescribable joy to my heart.
I want to thank you for embracing my choice of tertiary institution and for helping me demonstrate to the world that being a single parent does not equate to being lose, losing one’s way or deviating from the right path of God.

My daily prayer remains: “May you continue to walk steadfastly on the path of the Lord, without deviation or backsliding. Amen 🙏.”

Your commitment to God and your education has been profoundly inspiring. Your thirst for knowledge, your dedication to learning, are testaments to your unwavering diligence and determination 👍.

Your kindness and empathy have always shone brightly, even to everyone around you.
Often, when I’ve shed tears, you’ve been my support, reminding me of my strength and faith in God. I acknowledge your remarkable resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Your talents and passions have also flourished beautifully. Whether it’s your love for music, art, photography, technology, or any of your other interests, your enthusiasm and creativity are nothing short of exceptional 👍.

As you continue your journey through life, always remember that I am here, ready to support and encourage you every step of the way.
Both you and Ayomide @faiznszn should never doubt the depth of my unconditional for you.
Your presence in my life has brought immeasurable joy 🙏.

I eagerly anticipate all the incredible milestones that lies ahead for you.
Keep shining, maintain your unwavering love for God, self-belief, and never forget the extraordinary person you are

In essence, I give all glory to God, for it’s not through my strength, being a disciplinarian or strictness that you have become the outstanding person you are today.
It is by the GRACE OF GOD.
Thank you ABBA 🙏!

Congratulations, Ife mi ❤️.
P made me immensely proud.
Thank you for giving me that beautiful result.