Nollywood actress Julian Olayode has taken to her Instagram page to appreciate God her creator  for everything he has done for her for another birthday.


The beautiful actress is grateful for his loyalty to hee and his steadfast love for her, you God are the BEST that has ever happened to her.


She wrote: “One thing is sure, I’m never letting you go.

You and I have come a long way, thank you for holding my hands through the highs and lows, through  every season, when I look back and I feel overwhelmed/ alone, your make your presence known.

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Many times I have been weak, but your strength has been made perfect in my weakness. The thought of your love for me brings me to tears every time.

I’m awe of your loyalty to me and your steadfast love for me, you God are the BEST that has ever happened to me.

The fact that you know me, you know the real me, you know the Juliana that no one else knows, comforts me always, it silence every other voice. And everything that tries to project what I’m not to me.

You are Father, lover, friend, companion, teacher, master, savior, redeemer, my hope, my joy, my comfort, you make me the most happy, and you are my Happy place. You give me reasons to want to take another breath, reasons to live and look forward to tomorrow.

You are my past, my present and my future. You know, you know that I love you with the whole of me, with every fibre of my being, I love you endlessly.
Please continue to be my anchor.

Thank you for EVERYTHING, thank you for the  life lessons, thank you most importantly, for not letting me lose my FAITH. Oh thank you. What would I have become without you?

I owe you my life and I present everyday of my life as a sacrifice on your altar. Please accept it.🙏🙏
Thank you for another birthday.🤭🤭

Dress @shoperikan so Veekee @veekee_james made this dress for me last year for free, she didn’t take a dime from me. The dress has been sitting pretty in my wardrobe ever since, I thought to rock it for my birthday shoot, thank you Veekee, I love, love, love the dress.🫂❤️

@qute_tosyn made me do my birthday shoot  this year, I’m not gonna lie, I have been very lazy with posting on my feed lately, and I didn’t even want to do any post today, this woman woke  me up this morning to post. You are my sweetheart, my rose, my tom tom 😂😂 Thank you so much. I love you ❤️❤️🫂🫂


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