Yemi Alade Proves That She Is Stronger Than Teni After Winning Muscle Strength Battle

Yemi Alade and Teni, both Nigerian musicians, competed in a physical strength competition. Yemi Alade won the fight, proving to Teni and the audience that she is a formidable opponent.

Gospel on the Beats, a music producer, took to Instagram to share a video of popular performers Teni and Yemi Alade demonstrating muscle power in his studio. Teni and Yemi Alade faced off to see who was the stronger. They put their right hands on the opposite sides of a chair, then tried to pull the other hand down. The individual who successfully makes the opponent’s back hand contact the ground is the game’s winner.

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At first, Teni won Yemi Alade when she wasn’t ready. Then they were not even given permission to start yet. Then they started the main one, both musician were focused. Teni held Yemi Alade’s hand for just 5 to 6 seconds before suffering defeat

If we had judged by their appearances, one will feel Teni will be stronger than Yemi Alade. But Yemi Alade has clearly shown that she has more muscle strength than Teni.

Followers also rushed to the comment section to give their opinion about the battle, and Yemi Alade emerged as the winner.