Finally opening up about her three-year marriage, Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola did so after confirming it for months.


The movie producer disclosed how her now-ex-husband used her game against her in an interview with Debbie Shokoya, a coworker.

She said that she had married a young man and that their lives were about to intersect. She continued by saying that although she thought she could make things work, her spouse never gave her the chance since he constantly made fun of her notoriety.

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She claimed that until she made the decision to go on, her husband would constantly threaten her with her notoriety in an attempt to keep her bound to the marriage.

Since he is heavily involved in his son’s upbringing, they are now excellent co-parents but could have been better friends.

Wumi continued, saying that there came a time in her marriage when she tried to phone Punch Newspaper, a media outlet, to declare her separation, but she was resisted.

She has focused her energies on her son and filmmaking since her divorce.

“I married a young man, and we were approaching our adult life. I once thought that we might work things out, but there comes a time when marital problems make you feel as though your fame is in jeopardy. that would have been resolved.

On a positive note, me and my former co-parent. As of right now, he is totally committed to his child.

I even came to the realization that we might become friends because the co-parenting is going well.

I remember once calling the Punch newspaper for an interview. I wanted to deliver the news to them because I was still married at the time, but I was still moving slowly.

I immediately threw all of my energy into my movie once my marriage ended, and that’s what I’m getting now. Even though I was in terrible mental health at the time, I put all of my energy into my films.

Wumi stated in another part of the interview that she would not mind having a second wife.

She claims that as a single mother of one, she has no option except to accept life as it comes and no longer views herself as having one. She went on to say that she would be willing to wed a widower or someone who had previously been married and had children.

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