Why I Completely Changed My Sound and Look – Simi revealed

Why I Completely Changed My Sound and Look – Simi revealed 1

Simi, a Nigerian singer, is one of the country’s most well-known and well-liked artists. She has a long list of hits under her belt, including Joromi, Tiff, Jamb Question, Smile For Me, Duduke, and others.

She added a new CD to her extensive discography this past weekend. To Be Honest (TBH) is Simi’s new album, and it’s definitely a shift sonically and thematically for her fans. The singer is well aware of this, and she claims that the album’s new sound was purposefully chosen since it is the type of music she has wanted to make for a long time.

During her sit down interview with The Beat 99.9FM, Simi talked about the new album and also finally addressed the fans who keep saying to her that they miss the “old Simi”. Here’s what she said.

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Speaking about her new album, Simi said:

I’ve been working on this album for almost 3 years I think. Cuz things keep changing and I just kept feeling like it wasn’t quite right. I really applied myself this year and finally we’re here. (On this album), you’re going to see a more candid version of me. I’m pretty candid but this is more in-depth. You’re going to find truths about myself and there’s a bit of just vibe in there as well but I’m really spitting on these songs. This is not just sweet Simi, this is true Simi.

Speaking about her musical change and responding to the fans who miss and want the old Simi back, Simi said:

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I know there are a lot of my fans that say “Old Simi, Old Simi” but I’ve always believed in the art. Even old Simi was given to you by Simi that wanted to give you old Simi. So I feel like the art should always come from a place where the artiste is comfortable and happy and they’re in their comfort zone. I understand that people like what they like but this is a different kind of me. It’s actually different from even the different kind of me I’ve done before so I’m just really excited because I love, I adore this album and that’s all that really matters to me. Just to do something that I was obsessed with and I got to that point. Now I’m just ready to let it go.

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I really see that a lot, (people saying) “Oh I just miss old Simi so much,” she’s still in there! She just needs a break you know so that the new one can thrive. There are sounds that I’ve always been able to do but I kind of repressed because I was trying to work on my niche and cover my niche and create my sound, but I want to explore more especially now in an industry that respects pop as well. Like when you say Afropop, you actually mean Afro pop so I’m exploring that side of me that I’ve repressed in the past and I’m gonna do it by hook or by crook!

Why I Completely Changed My Sound and Look – Simi revealed 3
Why I Completely Changed My Sound and Look – Simi revealed 5

Simi – To Be Honest (TBH) album cover