Oye, Bobrisky’s former PA, has explained why she apologized to Nigerian millionaire Mompha in Dubai over a dating allegation involving controversial crossdresser Idris Okunneye, better known as Bobrisky.





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Oye said that Bobrisky and Mompha had a sexual relationship during an Instagram session with her fans and followers.



In the face of Mompha’s threats to sue her, Oye claimed that her accusations regarding Bobrisky were true, notwithstanding Mompha’s denials.



After refusing to go online to clear Mompha’s name, the allegations escalated to a fight between Mompha and Bob.



Bobrisky, however, denied dating Mompha during an Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze, claiming that they are only friends.



Oye apologized to Mompha a few hours later, but said she simply said what Bobrisky told her.




In a subsequent post, Oye stated that she apologized to Mompha because she was afraid, but she did it for the sake of his family, as he is her father.



In her response, Oye maintained she didn’t reveal Momhpa’s name and merely said what she heard.


I didn’t apologize because I was afraid; first, I didn’t mention him; instead, I responded to a question; and I said what I heard, which was not my fault; yet, I apologize to him because he has a family and is old enough to be my father.