“Who Would Believe I Was Still A Virgin There” – Uche Ogbodo Says As She Shares Old Photos On IG

After openly revealing in a recent post that she was still a virgin in an old photo she published on Instagram, Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo decided to shake up the internet with her caption. Many Nollywood movie fans may be surprised by this, as most people have differing opinions on actresses, with some believing their lifestyle is irresponsible.

Let’s not forget that filmmakers are also people; they make mistakes, just like the rest of us, and there’s no reason to judge them for what they say. She was with a fellow Nollywood actor in the photo she uploaded, and the two of them played lovers in the film.

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Her interesting caption did go a long way to give details of her claim and what she was doing in the old picture. She said, “See me when I am still small and fresh. Who would believe I was still a virgin there? I just had rapid growth.” I hope you read that well. She said she just had rapid growth, and most young girls usually have rapid growth, making people see them as if they are older than their age.