Following the posting of their transformation video on TikTok, a woman and her mother became internet sensations.


The woman and her mother were shown in the video that @princesseericka6 shared 20 years ago and today.


The mother and daughter tried to illustrate how their lives have evolved over the years in the 28-second film.

Transformation video of mother and daughter goes viral on TikTok

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Two photographs, one from the past and one from the present, were displayed in the film. In the first picture, the daughter is seated next to her mother and is still quite little. Both had extremely dark skin.

In the second image, things had changed. The woman and her mother have completely changed physically, and they both look stunning.

The video has received mixed comments, with some TikTok fans expressing surprise at the mother and daughter’s new appearances.

Reactions from TikTok users

@Faith Pat said:

“The camera quality guysss and some children are using dark from small and their color becomes brighter as they grow!!! No be everything be bleaching.”


“Why people talking about their light skin. Technology and money difference.”

@adaobipreshwilson said:

“She is glowing not bleaching and the camera then looks somehow.”

@Ada Anaedo reacted:

“Mum still has her smile…. na that smile she take get your papa.”

@Darlene rose said:

“Who’s the mum biko I lost.”

@teeclassic11 commented:

“Miracle no dey tire Jesus.”

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