A Nigerian woman sobbed hysterically after her partner ended their relationship just a short time after taking out a massive N150k loan.

As they are deeply in love, it was inferred that the understanding girlfriend helped her boyfriend out financially when he needed it and expressed hope that he would ultimately pay it back.

But then, in a startling change of events, the guy broke up with her by dumped her.


In a video, making the rounds online, the lady was seen crying her heart out as she continued to lament her woes to her friends who were in the room with her.

Watch the video below:


Her tearful video recounting the breakup and the financial strain has sparked massive reactions as social media users shared their thoughts.

Read some comments below:

im_not_nervous_ said, “Na me be the boyfriend 🚶🏿🚶🏿 Na she dash me the money 😂”.

don_icekid said, “He no buy am Phone? 😂 Wig nko?😂 But wait oo Weytin u Self Do??”

yolk13mind13 said, “Waiting you do am b4 he do you this kind thing 😢”.

doggoexplor said, “Why do you ask us to hear men?. A girl left for Canada to meet her ex bf and leave her fiancee behind.”

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bobbywales07 said, “Shey na 150 she dey cry for or breakfast”.

_ak_para said, “Na lie you no borrow him any money 😂😂”.

gaskia_youngwayne said, “If he never do wetin pass that 150k for u , u self no fit borrow him 150k👍na Una own Dey pain Una , funniest part, fit b say na that her friend wey dey camera still go tell that her boyfriend something that make the guy react like that 😂”.