In the heartland of Cross Rivers State, a young man in his thirties finds himself caught between the expectations of society and the desires of his heart. With a successful career at Chevron Nigeria Ltd., his future seems secure, but a crucial decision lies ahead as he navigates the treacherous waters of love.

Our protagonist longs to marry his childhood friend, a university graduate working in the Local Government with an impeccable character. They share a deep bond, a connection forged through years of friendship and shared experiences. But fate has other plans, as his mother insists on a different path, pushing for a union with a girl chosen solely for her youth.

Conflicting emotions surge within him, torn between his love for his mother and the call of true romance. How can he marry someone he barely knows, when his heart yearns for another? While the girl his mother has chosen may be domestically adept, it is his childhood friend who has captured his soul with her intelligence, grace, and unwavering support.

Searching for answers, he embarks on a journey of prayer and spiritual guidance. His quest leads him to Dr. Ohanu’s spiritual homecontact+23480, 8807, 7395. A beacon of hope amidst the tumultuous sea of doubt. The revelations are startling: the girl chosen by his mother holds a dark secret, one that threatens to shatter his future. Armed with this knowledge, he courageously shares his discoveries with his mother, hoping she will reconsider.

But love, it seems, is a powerful force, often blinding us to the truth. Despite the warnings and divinations from Dr. Ohanu, his mother remains steadfast in her belief that this girl is the right choice. A battle of wills ensues, leaving our protagonist standing at a daunting crossroads that could shape the course of his life.

In this time of uncertainty, he turns to you, dear reader, seeking your wisdom and advice. How does one choose between a mother’s wishes and the call of the heart? How can he ensure that his decision will not lead him astray, into a marriage filled with regret?

Join us as we delve into the complexities of tradition, love, and destiny. Together, let us illuminate the path towards a future filled with happiness and fulfillment, where the delicate balance between love and family can be achieved.