Share There are numerous twin celebrities in Nigeria, but few are as well-known or as well-liked as the Aneke twins. One half of the extremely well-liked duo is Chidiebere Aneke, and in a recent in-depth interview with The Punch, Chidiebere talked openly about a range of topics, including working with her sister as a fellow actor, problems experienced in the business, love, marriage, and more. Here are some of the key points made by Chidiebere Aneke.


First speaking on if it was a deliberate choice by her and her sister Chidinma to both go into acting, Chidiebere responded:

CHIDIEBERE ANEKE: My twin sister and I did not deliberately choose the same career path. I read Business Administration, while she studied Mass Communication. I love acting and she does too. We just found ourselves doing the same thing.

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Speaking on challenges she’s had to face in the industry, she said:

CHIDIEBERE ANEKE: I did not face many challenges when I initially joined the industry. I remember that my mum maintained that we had to complete our education before acting. After we closed from school, we had to ‘hustle’ for roles at auditions. At times, we would stay there from morning till night, and still go back the next day. Yet, there would be no guarantee that we would get the desired roles.

Speaking on if she’s ever had to deal with sexual harrassment, she said:

CHIDIEBERE ANEKE: There are some people that come online to say that producers asked them for sex before they could be given roles in their movies. However, no one has personally come to report such an incident to me.

What I will advise as the way forward is that people who say producers ask them for sex should stop going to the producers’ rooms, when they don’t have anything to do there. Whenever there are calls for auditions, these actresses should not go in through the back door.

Speaking about love, relationships, if she feels any pressure to have children, and what she’s still looking for in a man, Chidiebere said:

CHIDIEBERE ANEKE: It is not accurate to say that it is usually difficult for actresses to find true love, because some men desire to be with them due to their fame and wealth. Anybody saying that is not being truthful. Love is a beautiful thing, and when a lady’s path crosses that of the right man for her, everything will fall into place. I have never lost a relationship because of the kind of job I do.

I have never been under pressure to have a child. I have also never heard that some women get pressurised to have children, unmarried. It depends on the people one associates with anyway. The qualities I desire in my partner are honesty and a good conscience. If a person has a good conscience, they won’t hurt their partners.