The late singer Mohbad’s father, Joseph Ayoba, has disclosed that out of the 2 million naira that Davido sent to him following his son’s passing, he currently has 1 million naira remaining. This information sheds light on the financial support provided to the family during this challenging time.


Yes, that’s correct. Davido, whose real name is David Adeleke, had sent the sum of 2 million naira to Mohbad’s father, Joseph Ayoba, as a gesture of support following the tragic passing of his son.


In a video that surfaced online, Mr. Joseph Ayoba stated that he currently has 1 million naira out of the 2 million that was sent by Davido. This video provides insight into the allocation and usage of the financial support provided to the family.

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Mr. Joseph Ayoba explained that out of the 2 million sent by Davido, 1 million was taken by Mohbad’s friend, known as Da Rocha, to purchase a coffin and make burial arrangements. However, Da Rocha brought back only 100,000 naira from the amount originally provided. This information sheds light on the expenses related to Mohbad’s funeral.

Mr. Joseph Ayoba further added that since that time, he hasn’t seen any of his son’s friends except for Da Rocha, who returned 100,000 naira out of the 1 million that was taken for funeral expenses. This information highlights the challenges and complexities involved in handling the financial aspects of a loved one’s passing.

Watch the video below;


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bright___r: He doesn’t even care if his son gets justice, all he cares is MONEY! May we not have a father like this oo😢.

seun_dreams: In how many hours your son was buried? I don’t like this man one bit. He sounds like someone that can’t even stamp his authority in his house🤦🏿.

callme__aya: Isn’t this man an irresponsible father? You just lost your supposed beloved son to people who think they own this world, you hurriedly buried him in the most gory manner and her you are talking about money? All you care about is properties and money. Why didn’t you make the money for yourself? You not a good father. SHAME!

iamdreofficial: 🤦‍♂️ …. Before the 2 million naira was sent, I myself Dre asked mohbad’s father to provide a reliable account And his father presented is cousins account named da Rosha that this account is reliable then I sent it to Baddest to show the deceased family love and he immediately sent 2 million which Mohbad’s father confirmed before I left the premises with ambulance … fast forward to the next day mohbad dad called to say thank you and told me how they spent 1million for the preparation and the 1 million naira balance as been sent to his own account as balance from he 2million… so who are this people interviewing this man especially this time of grief 🤦‍♂️.

__funkygold: This man sef dey behave like who know Wetin happen to that boi 🤦‍♂️💔.

harborsede_:Ori yin buru sir,God will judge you 😢.

yungkumzee: This man should be held responsible .. he knows what happened to Mohbad …