After a significant outage on Monday, tens of millions of users of major social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were unable to access their accounts.




Users have been unable to access the apps/websites for several minutes.

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The three apps, all of which are owned by Facebook and run on common infrastructure, stopped working altogether shortly before 5 p.m. Facebook Workplace and other products from the same family of apps have also ceased working.


Tracking tool for outages Outages were observed about 1545 GMT in densely populated areas like as Washington and Paris, according to Downdetector.


Users in the impacted locations who attempted to access Facebook were greeted with the message: “Something went wrong. We’re working on it and will repair it as soon as possible.”

On Twitter, Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said, “We’re aware that some individuals are having problems accessing our applications and products.”

The interruption occurs just one day after a whistleblower appeared on US television to expose her identify after leaking a cache of documents to authorities saying that Facebook knew its products were fuelling hate and damaging children’s mental health.



Frances Haugen, a 37-year-old data scientist from Iowa, has worked for Google and Pinterest, but she told CBS television show “60 Minutes” that Facebook was “significantly worse” than anything she had seen previously.


With US lawmakers and The Wall Street Journal exposing how Facebook knew its products, particularly Instagram, were damaging young girls, especially around body image, the world’s largest social media site has been embroiled in a tempest sparked by Haugen.


A request for comment on the outage was not immediately returned by Facebook.