Sunday saw a threat from the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers’ Petroleum Tanker Drivers division to leave NUPENG.


PTD threatened to withdraw from the oil union in the event that Olawale Afolabi, the general secretary of NUPENG, and Williams Akporeha, the national president, would not step down from their posts.


In a statement released in Abuja and co-signed by Gbenga Olawale and Adekunle Rufai of PTD, Ibadan Depot, the tanker drivers revealed this information.

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According to the statement, the drivers organized the nationwide demonstration by placing plant leaves in front of their vehicles and issued a warning to NUPENG and the police about interfering with their activities and persistently harassing their leaders.

They said that because the NUPENG president was not an oil union member, he had the necessary qualifications to manage the union.

They claim that while Williams was serving as the national treasurer of NUPENG, he was fired from his position as a cook at a formal oil firm.

They also claimed that in order for him to run for NUPENG President, he was later drafted into the Petrol Station Workers Union of NUPENG.

They claimed that since Williams was not listed as a worker or a pump attendant when he was certifying for the presidency, this represented a complete break from the NUPENG constitution.

They declared that he was incapable of serving as NUPENG’s president in this way. They further claimed that he had set up all of his surrogates in order to siphon off all union cash and keep it for themselves.

As a result, the tanker drivers said they had made the decision to support the fortunate Osusan and Dayyab Garaga, who had given their life to guarantee their release.

However, the NUPENG secretary informed our correspondent that the assertions were untrue because the group is not a part of PTD.

According to Afolabi, the faction leaders who released the statement have been taken into custody at Kuje prison located in Abuja.

The NUPENG secretary declared, “They are not PTD members. Their leaders attacked us recently in Abuja and were arrested and jailed in Kuje prison, Abuja, on the orders of the court.”