Grammy Award winner Damini Ogulu, also known as Burnaboy, made a lot of people chuckle when he asked for Nigerian food, eba and egusi soup, instead of a foreign treat.

During a recent food tasting interview with LADbible, Burnaboy, the hitmaker of “City Boys,” was given the pleasant task of choosing his favorite dish from a range of Nigerian and British culinary delights.


In the first round of meals presented to Burna Boy, Jollof rice and cauliflower cheese graced the table. A standout moment in the interview occurred when Burna decisively turned down the cauliflower cheese, expressing his disdain for its taste without even giving it a try, emphasizing that it didn’t appeal to his palate.

In the second round of dishes, Pot noodles and eba with egusi soup were presented. The renowned Afrobeat musician sampled the pot noodles and remarked that to complement the Jollof Rice, he would require a special sauce to enhance its flavor.

In the course of the interview, Burna Boy revealed his fondness for jollof as his favorite dish. Instead of simply sampling the egusi soup, Burna Boy unwrapped the Eba, grabbed a spoon, and immersed it into the soup.

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He proceeded to enjoy spoonfuls, mentioning that he hadn’t eaten all day and urging not to have the food taken away.

After going through other rounds of meal, Burnaboy before the end of the show requested them to return the Eba and Egusi soup to devour it, obviously showing that Nigerian wins.

Watch the video below;


See reactions below;

@Iamdamilare: Dude can literally pass as a comedian.

@sekiobal: Egusi is melon.

UnApologetic_ValyrianSailor: So REAL and straight to the point Lol… He is right about that Orijin drink tho Lol.

@DannyboililT: Burna is way too funny.

@photobyfiness: I would love to have a conversation with Burna. He’s so informed and interesting.

@peternairo: Burna boy stylishly like food