In order to alter their physical look, a number of female Instagram comedians today cover their faces with humorous makeup or make-up.


I’ll show the true faces of a few female comedians on Instagram who use amusing makeup to cover away their natural beauty in this article.



One of the entertainment industry’s top-trending Instagram comedians is Ashmusy. The attractive comedian occasionally wears makeup to hide her face when she wants to take on a different role in her comedy routine.

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The gifted comic is known for playing a local girl in her comedy sketches and conceals her face from the audience to give her admirers a very fascinating experience.


Flora is a similarly gifted Instagram comedian who covers her face with a humorous make-up. The skilled comedienne expertly manipulates her facial features with makeup so that you won’t be able to identify her if you see her outside.

 Dirty Grandma

Dickson Ruth, better known as Dirty grandma, is a well-known Instagram comedian who frequently covers her face with makeup. a

Dickson Ruth is a beautiful lady when she is away from creating comedy skits.


The list of female comedians who conceal their faces with humorous make-up and make-overs includes the stunning, brilliant comedienne known by her real name, Jessica.

The brilliant woman is noted for her humorous shoes that completely alter her face and “gele” tying.

Iya Mufu

If you mention Iya mufu when discussing attractive female Instagram comedians, you can be incorrect. The stunningly skilled comedienne is one of the Instagram stars that cover up their attractive faces with makeup and hairstyles.

When Iya Mufu makes comedy routines, she never shows her face without makeup.