In terms of the length of her career, the caliber of her music, her voice, her stage presence, and her confidence, Nigerian singer Waje has come a very long way. In a recent interview with City 105.1 FM, Waje talked about her newfound confidence and revealed what had really motivated her to lose weight. Here is what the “For A Minute” singer had to say about how she lost weight, what motivated her, and how it changed her.


Waje made the revelation on air when she was asked the question “I feel like there are so many moments that we probably missed out on or we probably might never see from veterans like you because back in the day people were not really good with documentation of behind the scenes.” She responded:

WAJE: Absolutely! And not even just our brands. In terms of following the journey of the industry, you see people come up with their own story based on their opinions and their perspectives, but not necessarily the truth. Because you really can’t get everybody’s story in one box. But if it was – one of the reasons why I am such a huge believer of music and the longevity of it is because of the E! Hollywood Story. You know, back in the day, I will sit in my living room watching stories of artistes and so I knew that even if you have 3 years of great great, and you have 2 years of not so great, it is part of your story. You don’t just pack up and say “Ah, since that’s done, then maybe this place is not for me”. It’s for you, it’s a job. So you always have to find ways to evolve and keep reinventing yourself. But I only started getting that because I used to watch that E! Hollywood Story, I dey watch am o. I go watch watch watch.

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Even in terms of how I carried myself. The first time I started losing weight, not to say I’m body shaming anyone, but the first time I started taking care of myself as a brand was in 2013. And that was because I would sit in my living room and I would watch and watch and watch. So I was like okay, if I’m not comfortable, because I never used to be confident about myself. So I said okay, if I’m not comfortable about it, then I can change it. So then I signed up with Uzi and ha! I even injured my knee sef. But I lost about 5kg and I still have the dress that I wore to the first event I went to [after] and I wasn’t wearing girdle. I was like “I’m not wearing spanx”, I have blow o! [laughs].