As they commemorate their 4th wedding anniversary today, 14th October 2021, fashion designer Yomi Casual has extended gratitude to his wife, Grace.


Yomi Casual commended his wife for loving him unconditionally even when she had other options four years ago in a lengthy Instagram post.


Yomi Casual remembered how his wife helped him save money for their wedding when everyone expected him to do the most due to his celebrity.

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One of the most notable successes of the celebrity stylist is that his wife pushed him to give birth to their children outside of the United States.


Yomi Casual went on to say that his wife is always happy, even with the little he gives her.

On this wonderful day, I want to thank you for loving me unconditionally even when you had a better alternative 4 years ago, for saying yes to my marriage proposal, and for cutting down on my wedding reception spending because everyone expected me to do the most based on who I am.


Thank you for pressuring me to give birth to our children outside of the United States, (one of my greatest successes ever!) Thank you for assisting me in securing those homes (which are now worth millions of dollars) and for those numerous school runs ( even if I had to pay you money for skipping my shift )

Thank you for being such a wonderful mother to our beautiful children, (Dr Grace without a degree) and for being pleased with what I have to offer. Thank you for believing in this local Warri tailor (Zara, Adidas, Nike, Riverisland, Aldo, etc.) and for correcting my local Warri grammar on occasion. (baba Dey drops bombs one after the other)


Thank you for reminding me of who I was before I met you… ( in your words, yomi you be brand oh! Never forget that) I love you my Gracious.