Pastor Mrs Evelyn TB Joshua, wife of the late founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), and some church members are apparently in a struggle over who would take over the church and its wealth.




Some of his aides have allegedly put the SCOAN founder’s private jet up for sale without Joshua’s family or church members’ permission.

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Elder Emmanuel Kayode, a worried member of the SCOAN, told our correspondent privately that the clique has temporarily confiscated some church assets while moving monies from the church’s international partners to an illegitimate church account they recently established.


The church Elder bemoaned the events at the SCOAN, blaming them on errant Prophets, Prophetesses, disciples, and evangelists of the deposed televangelist, whom he described as “errant Prophets, Prophetesses, disciples, and evangelists.” He accused them of ignoring the SCOAN founder’s advice to follow love.


“Times are changing,” he said. Surprisingly, the church at Agoda Egbe’s Prayer Mountain, which was built solely for prayers, became their home! They entirely abandoned their formal apartments in the church and moved to the Mountain, where they were living lavishly with their entourage.



The Prayer Mountain was embarrassingly and gradually becoming a site where they had parties to conduct their business and private affairs – something that TB Joshua would never have allowed. None of TB Joshua’s family members had access to the funds gathered from partners around the world during and after his burial.”


“They took over the church’s strong room carrying away the money with reckless abandon,” said another reputable church source who spoke on the condition of anonymity. They would arrive in the middle of the night with many large “Ghana-must-go” bags to transport cash to the Mountain, unaware that they were being meticulously recorded. They’ve got their bureau de change.



Their plan and execution were well-thought-out. They also went ahead and opened a new Global network account without informing the church or family. According to available information, many of them have become multimillionaires over night in the last few months.”


“Their agenda is tall and total,” Elder Kayode stated. They withheld all of Prophet TB Joshua’s phones, which included vital contacts and information, including global partners. They eventually released the phones after a lot of pressure from Mrs. Joshua and numerous well-meaning people who conducted several long hours of meetings with them requesting her husband’s phones and allowing rationality to rule.



They had cleaned everything off the phones by the time they released them, so she wouldn’t know anything about them or their companions! However, they had already transferred all of the information to their personal custody. They’ve been utilizing the information to contact partners and secure funds without Mrs. Joshua’s or any other genuine members of the church’s knowing, save from a handful of them on top of discipleship.



Something, though, is more disturbing and shocking. These people of God now residing on the PrayerMountain organized to sell TB Joshua’s aircraft before the bubble broke, all without Mrs. Joshua’s or the family’s knowledge! Before the deception was detected, they had carefully sealed all arrangements,” Elder Kayode stated.


Following Prophet Joshua’s death, the claimed aides unilaterally formed the APEX COUNCIL for the church and chose a new General Overseer G.O. and Mommy G.O. inside themselves, according to our source.


They also established the church’s Governing Council, in which all posts are shared among themselves, with no members of TB Joshua’s family or the church on board. Ironically, they are TB Joshua workers who are not even eligible to be termed church members because the Church’s Constitution requires that you be a financial member in order to be recognized as a church member. On the condition of anonymity, another church member added, “This is a fundamental factor for membership that none of them have.”



Members of the church “perceived their activities as a spiritual coup detat or a kind of opportunistic spiritual gangsterism that is contradictory and hostile in the sanctuary,” according to the New Telegraph, and became disgruntled.


According to Elder Kayode, the errant disciples transformed themselves into amazing uncontrollable authority and power with enormous and reckless freedom from the moment TB Joshua died. “To the dismay of church members, they became worldly with obvious contempt and casual attitude toward their mentor, TB Joshua’s family.


‘So these so-called followers were pretenders when Daddy was alive?’ said many concerned church members, enraged by their selfish goals and deceit. One of the church’s founding elders thinks aloud. Their way of life shifted as well. They took over all employees, fired those they didn’t trust, and brainwashed the others into utter adherence to their whims and caprices to the point where none of them would heed any command or request from Mrs. Joshua! It was a show of epic proportions.”



Another high-ranking Church official told our correspondent that as a result of the situation, church members determined that Mrs. Evelyn TBJoshua was compelled to up to the challenges of preserving and strengthening her husband’s honorable legacy.


“Prior to Evelyn Joshua’s rise as the church’s leadership, she and her children had been pushed aside as ordinary church members by the Court order that replaced her husband as Chairman Board of Trustees for the church. She was kept entirely in the dark about everything. They would not come if she summoned them. A simple phone call to say hello has become a major hardship for them,” the person continued.