Burna boy has stirred a massive reaction as he calls on his friends to help him read what is on the teleprompter.


Burna Boy could not read what was written on the teleprompter while he was presenting an award in the United Kingdom and was forced to call on his colleague Stormzy for help.


The video has many attention-has they all insist that it’s due to the high intake of weed that causes it not that he can’t read.

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Just in: Wahala Be Like Bicycle!!! See The Moment Burna Boy called on Stormzy for help as he couldn’t read what was on the teleprompter while presenting an award in the UK!!! 🚴🏿‍♀️🚴🏿‍♀️🚴🏿‍♀️💨

📺Video Credit: britishfashioncouncil

Read some social media comment below;

Nohpheesat wrote: Burna Boy still handled the situation very well, at least he quickly asked for help and owned up to the situation. It’s probably that he couldn’t read from afar at that particular moment.

Funayacutie wrote: Forget about this post and let’s pray first. As you go out today may you come back home safely. Believe and say Amen 🙏 🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾

Donorhdairbrand wrote: His shortsighted I feel ur pain brother it’s our daily struggle get a medicated contact lenses.

Sir_kay wrote: He needs to see an optometrist .. with his squint, you can tell he couldn’t see the device clearly.. Overall his confidence is contagious, he handled it well.

Chris_dmeek wrote: Well, to Odogwu’s Defense, He “dropped out of school on the first Day, cos his Teacher no get Money”

Officialsuo wrote: Handled it like a pro… Burna did good here, Stormzy did even better stepping up quickly and handling the fubar situation so well. Well done brotherhood. ❤👏

Usendollar wrote: Im proud of burna boy button ❤ last week  I was with him and he here in Chicago told me he’s going to give out scholarship to all Nigerians youth ❤ to be honest , I’m saying this from a reliable source! Burna is richer and more influential than Jay z recently! But because he’s a Nigerian, we always downgrade our own

Jerrywood.jj wrote: Winners aren’t shy or afraid of loosing, that’s why they’ll keep on winning. Look how he handled it and owned up, then called for back up 👏🔥

Qeemane wrote: And people say he’s so proud yeah he sure is but still smart enough to know when to ask for help and most importantly who to ask 😂😂

Angeleguovean wrote: Giant of Africa no fit go dey wear recommended glasses, if not he for dey wear 😂😂😂

Watch The Video Below;