Sensational Simi, a Nigerian female musician, has divulged a major detail about his new track “Woman” after a Twitter feud with a fan.


Simi has been taking part in the #NobodyLikeWoman Challenge alongside several female Nigerian celebrities for the past few weeks, uploading monochromatic images with an inscription of degrading things people say about them.


Many people assumed the singer was performing the challenge for a song she was set to record, but on Friday, October 15th, she astonished her fans by dropping the son.

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A Twitter user reacted to this by asking if Simi recorded the song in 2019, as it came as a shock to many Nigerians.


Simi responded by admitting that she recorded the new track in 2019, but that she planned to share it after her baby was born due to her pregnancy.

Before the new song was published, Simi wrote a lengthy, strong, and inspiring message to women, according to the source.

Simi mentioned recently on her Instagram account that she hoped people would be conscious of the things they say and the seeds they sow in people’s life.

My single WOMAN will be with you in less than 12 hours, by the grace of God. I’m thankful for every woman that stands in the gap for the rest of us. Your bravery comes from your vulnerability.


I hope that in the future, we are more conscious of the words we speak and the seeds we plant in people’s lives. I also hope that we can learn to support and protect women who are unable to do it on their own. Women are now being honored!