Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo couldn’t resist responding to a critic of his recently released movie, “Jagun.” The critic, who had just watched the film, harshly criticized those who were praising it online. Femi Adebayo graciously acknowledged the criticism and thanked the critic, sparking various reactions.


Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo has been gaining a growing fan base, particularly due to his gracious responses to critics of his successful movie “Jagun Jagun.”


In a viral tweet, an X (formerly Twitter) user named Bayo Otedola stated that he had recently watched “Jagun Jagun” and proceeded to criticize those who had been promoting it online.

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“I watched Jagun Jagun yesterday night just before bed and i just want to say that God will punish all of you that have been hyping it on this app ,” he tweeted.

In response to the tweet, Femi Adebayo showed appreciation for the critic with a tweet that read: “Thank you for watching ‘Jagun Jagun,’ Bayo Otedola. I value your feedback.”

“God will not punish anyone, I’m glad you watched Bayo, thank you.”

See their exchange below:


Netizens had various reactions, with some suggesting that Femi Adebayo should send ‘Agemo,’ the character played by Bukunmi Adesina, to the critic as a playful response.

See the reactions below:


“Sir kindly ignore these people that don’t appreciate people effort, the movie if very interesting.. it worth the hype.”


“Person wey you for send Agemo (Iroyinogunkintan) to finish the assignment..”


“Thanks Femi for this mature response. May God continue to bless you with wisdom. It takes people with utmost maturity to do what you have just done.”


“I don’t know why people cannot just shut up if they don’t have words of encouragement in their mouth.”


“The real Jagun Jagun would have Jaguned him.”